CLEVELAND (WJW) — Northeast Ohioans came out to Collision Bend Brewing Company to help commemorate the 48th anniversary of 10 Cent Beer Night.

The brewery, located on the East Bank of the Flats in Cleveland, offered its Hope Flows Kolsch beer for 10 cents a glass for 48 minutes Saturday afternoon, albeit with a limit of two 12-once beers per customer.

“To be honest, I initially thought that this is the worst idea ever, but after giving it some thought, I figured we could use this as the perfect opportunity to bring back the idea of Ten Cent Beer Night as a nod towards Cleveland baseball and celebrate how far we have come,” said master brewer Luke Purcell.

Ten Cent Beer Night is one of the most infamous moments in Cleveland sports history. See, Nickle Beer Night started in 1971 and the promotion went off with any issues.

Then on June 4, 1974, the Cleveland Indians offered a promotion at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, giving fans the chance to buy a cup of beer for just 10 cents. A bench-clearing brawl in Texas six days earlier set the stage for trouble.

Cleveland rallied and the night culminated with the unruly crowd went onto the field.

About a dozen fans were arrested in the melee.