SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio (WJW) – How can a home made of snow and ice be so cozy? 

“I’ve always been a fan of the snow. I mean, many people complain about it, but I try and find a way to make it fun,” said Blake Dixon.

With a lot of hard work, ingenuity and some helping hands, Dixon is raising the bar on igloos in South Euclid. 

“In middle school, I always had dreams of building like a snow castle or an igloo or something,” Dixon said.

Every winter, he worked to bring that vision to life.

“I used to have to bring him, tell him to come in. It was just amazing, he was just crazy in the snow. He loved it. It was like a moth to a flame,” said his father, Chip.

After years of perfecting his engineering, Dixon was able to build his biggest igloo yet. 

“It makes you appreciate winter. He loves the snow so much and he’s done just a wonderful job with these igloos,” said his grandmother, Arline.

Since starting last Friday, the job hasn’t been without some challenges. 

“When we first started working on it, all we had was a pile of snow and we were working from the inside to pull it all out and the top collapsed and with some ingenuity from Blake, as well as a little bit of persistence, we were able to reconstruct the dome and pull it all together,” said Blake’s friend, Ed Kwietniewski.

The igloo features a full seating area, hallway and second room. Blake says it’s been putting a lot of smiles on people’s faces, which was his goal. 

“To give people a reason to enjoy what we have that no other places have, like you don’t get this in Florida, you can’t get this,” he said.

Blake isn’t even finished. 

“I want to put in a tall chimney where I could put a fire into and really have it toasty.”

One recycling can mold at a time, Kwietniewski and Dixon’s girlfriend, Joy Diaz, are now helping him make the blocks for the chimney.

Dixon says he plans to offer his services to help other people build or improve their igloos and possibly even make some to rent out.