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CORRECTION: Cleveland EMS has corrected information they previously gave to FOX 8, when they said two people were taken to the hospital following the rescue effort. No one was reportedly taken to the hospital.

CLEVELAND (WJW) — The United States Coast Guard sent a rescue team to the area of Edgewater Park Sunday afternoon, after 10 people were reportedly stranded on ice floes out on Lake Erie near the park.

Other agencies were also involved with the rescue, including a helicopter from Air Station Detroit.

A Coast Guard spokesperson confirmed to FOX 8 that 10 people, three children and seven adults, were rescued and that the case is now closed. The Cleveland Fire Department assisted in getting the people off of the ice.

Cleveland EMS told FOX 8 that they did not take anyone to the hospital following the incident.

The Coast Guard reminded those who venture outside this winter to remain cautious around ice.

“[We urge] everybody to dress for the water temperatures and to recognize and treat ice not as an extension of the land, but as water.” said the Coast Guard’s Gregory Schell. “If you do go out, we recommend you taking a buddy … Help protect yourself by having reflective clothing, carry a whistle, carry a radio and a fully charged cell phone.”