(WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found a police officer with the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority indicted and accused of stealing $500 at a crime scene.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors just indicted Douglas McGilbra.

He faces charges of theft in office, tampering with evidence, and dereliction of duty.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) looked into what happened and built the case.

The case goes back to Jan. 3 of this year.

Investigators found CMHA Officer Douglas McGilbra went to the scene of a felony assault near West 28th and Washington in Cleveland. CMHA Police and Cleveland Police handled the call.

Investigators found, during the initial search, police counted $2,600 in a plastic bag twisted shut at the top.

BCI discovered, two hours later, CMHA detectives went back to the scene with a signed search warrant, but CMHA detectives only collected $2,100 from the scene.

At that point, CMHA referred the matter to BCI, recognizing criminal activity may have occurred.

The investigation included police photos and video.

BCI found the amount of money in the bag was “decreased” with the bag untwisted.

A chair was missing from the initial search. Plus, what had been on the chair ended up on the floor.

Finally, the investigatrion found Officer McGilbra had been recorded on camera, and he had been responsible for securing the scene before a search warrant was issued.

On Monday, Cuyahoga County Prosecutors indicted McGilbra.

The I-Team left a message for the CMHA Chief for comment.

CMHA Statement

In January 2022, CMHA police officers were called to an apartment of a suspected drug dealer where they made an arrest. Narcotics and cash were found at the scene.  After an initial accounting of the money, a later accounting revealed a discrepancy between the initial count at the scene and the second count of the money. 

When the CMHA Police Department became aware of the discrepancy, the investigation was immediately referred to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI). BCI conducted an independent investigation and turned its findings over to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, which presented the case to a Grand Jury.  Yesterday, the Grand Jury  issued a True Bill charging CMHA PD Officer McGilbra.  

Officer McGilbra was placed on paid administrative leave as soon as he was identified as a Suspect in the theft of money.  He will now be placed on unpaid leave pending resolution of the criminal charges against him.  Once the criminal process concludes, CMHA Police will complete its Administrative Review of the matter and impose any corresponding discipline.