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CLEVELAND (WJW) — On the eve of the impeachment vote in Washington, hundreds of people converged in Ohio City to voice their opinions on the politically charged debate.

“Impeach Trump now, Impeach Trump now!” chanted a group of several hundred people.

Hundreds of vocal protesters lined West 25th Street at the corner of Lorain Avenue Tuesday evening, calling for the impeachment and removal of the nation’s 45th president, Donald Trump.

“He has to go. The Republicans need to do the right thing. They need to get this man out of office,” said Jennifer Simmons of Mentor.

“We’re tired of the lies and we’re tired of the crimes. No one’s above the law,” said Jane Arnoff from the organization Stand up to Trump Cleveland.

Organizers called it a “nobody is above the law” demonstration.  They are urging Ohio members of Congress to vote in favor of both articles of impeachment coming up for a vote in the House of Representatives.

They lined the street, holding signs and chanting in effort to drum up last minute public support as several drivers sounded their horns in agreement.

“Those Republican senators, they need to remember that oath of office they took and to look at the facts and not just follow him because he’s in the same party,” said demonstrator Jacob Freeh.

“Donald Trump needs to go, needs to be impeached for numerous reasons — not just for the phone calls, just for being basically immoral,” said Will Parker, who stopped after seeing the protesters on the street.

Cuyahoga GOP chairman Rob Frost said that during the demonstration, county Republicans were holding their annual Christmas party inside Crop, a restaurant directly across the street.

“We need to let the people have their say at the ballot box, in much the way these people had a right to have their say out here in the park,” Frost said.

Frost believes the effort to impeach President Trump will backfire and galvanize Republicans across Cuyahoga County and the state of Ohio.

“Not a question in my mind, Donald Trump will carry Ohio on his way to re-election in 2020 and a show like this tonight, just confirmed that for me,” he said.

A couple of supporters of President Trump showed up shouting “four more years,” but otherwise everything remained peaceful.

The demonstration lasted about one hour.

An indoor rally was also held at the Cuyahoga County Democratic headquarters.

Meanwhile, President Trump continues to maintain he did nothing wrong. On Tuesday, in a letter to Nancy Pelosi, he objected to the House of Representatives’ articles of impeachment, accusing Democrats of “perversion of justice and abuse of power” in their effort to remove him from office.

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