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CLEVELAND– Police are investigating several acts of vandalism directed at the home of a Donald Trump supporter.

The woman told FOX 8 News the vandals are trying to intimidate her because of their political beliefs, but it’s not working.

“I always felt that this world would never come to that because of my politics,” Joan Ringholz said.

She said some of her campaign sign were stolen over the summer and then quickly replaced. Then on election night, her home was hit with paintballs.

On Wednesday, someone threw a rock through her window. Ringholz said the vandalism is political intimidation.

“It’s my right that I want to do that and anyone else. You know, I mean, it’s terrible what’s going on. There’s riots and everything because he became president and that shouldn’t be,” Ringholz said.

She said she fears her home will continue to be a target after Trump takes office. She is now putting away her Trump signs, but knows her house is already associated with the president-elect.

“That’s my freedom speech. I should be able to, just like you know, but they shouldn’t be able to do damage to my property,” Ringholz said.