CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has unraveled more of the mystery behind a missing woman suddenly found alive.

We found she had been filing police reports for months about getting stalked and living in fear.

Early Friday morning, FOX 8 reported that the search for Lachelle Jordan had come to an end.

Now that she’s back home, more of the story has emerged about what had gone on before she disappeared.

The I-Team found she had filed at least 11 police reports since the beginning of this year. Reports for someone stalking her, violating a protection order and damaging her home. Even firing a gunshot into the house.

A 911 recording from late Thursday night shows a Cleveland 911 dispatcher saying to another,
“You’ll never believe this. We just got a call from Lachelle Jordan.”

Jordan had been missing for five days. Then, she suddenly stumbled into a store. She was alive, but desperate for help.

The I-Team found police reports showing Jordan crying out for help long before this.

The dispatcher continued, “She said she got away from the people that kidnapped her. They tried to burn her alive.”

A clerk told FOX 8 what he remembered as Jordan walked into a little store at East 166 and Euclid.

He remembers being stunned to see the woman struggling while wearing clothes that had been burned. He told us it looked like she had been lit on fire.

“I said, ‘what’s wrong here?'” he said. “God gave me a chance to help someone. To see the lady as a mom, as a sister.”

Jorden’s disappearance grabbed more attention since she is a key witness in a rape case.

Now, the earlier reports show she had gone to police claiming the rape suspect was stalking her around her home and at her job with EMS.

She also told police she’d been followed by a woman connected to the rape suspect.

She said someone had shot into her home in one incident and kicked in her door in another.

In fact, we’ve learned Cleveland EMS had moved Jordan to headquarters as a result of concerns about her safety.

Before that, where she’d been assigned with EMS, she parked her car inside a garage out of public view. A co-worker told us she appeared very scared.

This week, police arrested the rape suspect, Michael Stennett, for stalking Jordan. But, he has not been charged in connection with her disappearance.

Friday, the woman’s father spoke by phone to the I-Team about having her back.

“We’re just saying that we’re glad to have her home,” he said. “With what happened, and the involvement of everybody, everybody stepped up, and she’s back. I can’t say any more about that. We’re just grateful.”
As for all of those reports filed by Jordan, Cleveland police issued a broad statement.  

“The Cleveland Division of Police takes all calls for service seriously and matters are investigated and routed through the judicial system appropriately,” Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia wrote in an email.

Jordan’s loved ones, co-workers and neighbors still wonder what happened, but they no longer have to wonder where she is.

We’ll follow up as the investigation moves forward. Police say we would have to file a records request to find out, specifically how each of the earlier reports was handled.