CLEVELAND (WJW) – Another year has passed and loved ones of a murdered Beachwood mother of four are still praying for justice. 

It has been exactly nine years since Aliza Sherman was stabbed to death in front of a downtown office building.

“She loved flowers. The last thing she ever gave me was a plaque that said ‘where there’s love, there is life’ and it had flowers on it,” said Sherman’s daughter, Jennifer Sherman.

Jennifer, her brother Jason and a host of relatives, friends and former co-workers brought flowers Thursday evening to fill the spot where the 53-year old was stabbed to death.

“What if we flood this space, it’s such a dark space for us and difficult space to come to, with color and with life and with flowers? It’s a message out there to whoever did this that you will not get away with it and you will also never steal her from us. Her light continues to shine,” said her daughter.

Aliza, a Cleveland Clinic nurse, was killed in broad daylight on March 24, 2013, in front of Erieview Plaza downtown, where she was scheduled to meet with her divorce attorney. 

Investigators say it was a messy divorce and proceedings were expected to begin the next day.

At the time, Cleveland police released video of a hooded man running from the scene, but no one has ever identified who that person is.

“It’s actually 3,287 days today since we last got to speak to our mom or see our mom and it’s also been 3,287 days since, you know, a killer committed a horrific crime and it’s been 3,287 days without any justice, without anyone held accountable,” said Jennifer Sherman.

“It’s impossible that nobody saw anything and nobody knows anything about this,” said son, Jason Sherman.

In June, Cleveland police asked state BCI cold case agents to take a fresh look at the investigation. On Wednesday, an agent with BCI’s cold case unit said investigators are working on the case.

“We feel very hopeful with their involvement and we’re so grateful that the case has been turned over to them, but again, we face the harsh reality that this is definitely a marathon and not a sprint,” said Sherman’s daughter.

In addition to bringing flowers and sharing memories, loved ones held a moment of silence before one of Aliza’s best friends read a poem.

“The fact that you’re no longer here will always cause me pain, but forever you’re in my heart until we meet again,” said friend Jan Lash.

“We will continue to come back here no matter how many days it takes until we see that whoever committed this horrific crime is held accountable for their actions,” said Jennifer.

A $100,000 reward is being offered to whoever can help police find Aliza’s killer.

Her daughter says the flowers that people brought will be taken to women’s shelters, nursing homes and a few will be placed on Aliza’s grave.

An agent with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, who watched the vigil by video, told the media that agents are still compiling and organizing evidence and right now, there are still no new leads in the case.

Individuals that may have information on the cold case can submit a tip on an unsolved homicide or by calling BCI at 855-BCI-OHIO (855-224-6446).