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CLEVELAND– It’s back to the drawing board for the Cleveland Teachers Union and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District Board of Education.

They’ve been negotiating a new labor contract since last year and still can’t reach an agreement.

On Friday, the union voted to reject the fact finder report, which essentially was a contract proposal put together by an arbitrator. The board of education wasn’t satisfied with the report either and voted it down earlier this week.

Both parties are now going to have to renegotiate this summer. If that’s unsuccessful, a strike is possible. The union also voted to authorize a strike for next fall should it get to that point.

“One of the reasons we rejected the fact finders report is because we believe we can resolve our issues at the table. So the goal here is to get back to the table, negotiate a contract that’s good for kids, fair for teachers and avoid a job action,” said Cleveland Teachers Union President David Quolke.

“But at the end of the day, our members said if we can’t get a contract that’s good for kids and fair for teachers, we’re ready to back up our words with action.”

He said the contract disputes aren’t over one specific issue, but a couple of problems, including pay and teacher evaluation.

CMSD CEO Eric Gordon said he’s confident they will reach a deal by this summer.