CLEVELAND (WJW) – The board of education has voted to rename three of Cleveland Metropolitan School District‘s schools.

The board approved to rename Patrick Henry School after U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, who served in Congress from 1998 until she died in 2008. She also was a Cuyahoga County judge and county prosecutor.

Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy is being renamed Natividad Pagan International Newcomers Academy. Pagan was a district administrator and principal who led the Newcomers Academy, a school for immigrants and refugees. He died in 2016.

Louis Agassiz PreK-8 School is being renamed after Mary Church Terrell, who was a well-known educator and activist for racial equality and women’s rights between the late 19th and mid 20th centuries.

Back in December, the district decided to prioritize five schools for further review that were named after slaveholders and other historical figures with racially problematic pasts.

The other schools under review are Albert Bushnell Hart PreK-8 School and Luis Munoz Marin PreK-8 School.