CLEVELAND (WJW) – The Cleveland Metropolitan School District school board met Tuesday night to vote on a resolution that would ban teachers and other non-security personnel from carrying guns inside schools or on campus.

CMSD CEO Eric Gordon introduced the resolution just a day after Governor DeWine signed House Bill 99, which slashed the number of training hours required for K through 12 staff to carry firearms at school.

“A sworn police officer isn’t allowed to carry a firearm into a correctional facility. So in my opinion, if you can not do that in a jail, you should not be doing that in a school,” said Gordon.

House Bill 99 allows local school boards to make their own security decisions.

In a unanimous vote, the school board voted to ban CMSD teachers from carrying guns in school.

According to Gordon, CMSD’s in-school safety officers are unarmed. Only mobile patrols carry weapons.

The school board also heard from CMSD deputy chief Lamont Dodson about the district’s safety and security measures, including lockdown protocols.

House Bill 99 also puts $6 million in this year’s budget for the Ohio schools safety center. Gordon said that money will go toward a mobile training team that will serve as a liaison between local schools and law enforcement.