CLEVELAND (WJW) – The Cleveland Board of Education has narrowed its search for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s next CEO. According to a press release from CMSD, both candidates are experienced educators with close ties to the Cleveland community. 

The first candidate, Dr. Ricardo “Rocky” Torres served CMSD as a school administrator from August 2014 through June 2019, before his appointment as Assistant Superintendent of Student Services for Seattle Public Schools, according to the release.

Torres earned a Ph.D. in urban education from Cleveland State University and has mentored educators throughout his career, the release said.

The second candidate, Dr. Warren Morgan, worked for CMSD as a Network Leader for the District’s Phase 2 Investment schools from July 2014 through August 2016.

In his current role as the Chief Academic Officer for Indianapolis Public Schools, Morgan oversees the academic vision, strategy, and policies of the district, the release said.

Previously the Executive Director of an education nonprofit in St. Louis, Morgan was a White House Fellow under U.S. Presidents Obama and Trump. He earned an Ed.D. in Urban Educational Leadership from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

Eight community panels, the Board and Mayor Justin M. Bibb will interview the finalists on April 24 and 25.

The interview panels include teachers, licensed staff, principals, parents, students, classified central office staff, community partners, union leaders, and senior leaders in the district, according to the release.

“From the start, the Board built the CEO job profile to reflect the values and skills that the Cleveland community desired in our next CEO,” said Anne Bingham, Chair of the Cleveland Board of Education. “Our two finalists have exceeded our expectations, and we’re excited for the community to meet with them next week.”

On Monday, an interview with students and another with parents and caregivers will be live-streamed and recorded.

After the interviews, the Board will review interview notes, public comments, and community feedback. The next CEO will then be selected, according to the release.