CLEVELAND (WJW) – A proposal to increase the Cleveland parking rate has made it one step further. City Council continued working through legislation that could double game-day parking in the Muni Lot.

Cleveland leadership has been working for months to raise prices for parking in a number of areas. None are more controversial than the Muni Lot.

The Cleveland City Council Committee officially approved a parking rate hike that would increase a vehicle to park per game from $30 to $60. In addition, daily parking in the Muni Lot would increase from $5 to $10 under the new proposal.

“Our max rate to charge the Browns game is $30 per parker. Our competitors are charging $40, $50 and $60,” Parking Facilities Commissioner Kim Johnson said. “Even if we were a well-oiled machine, our expenditures are still outweighing our revenue.”

The ordinance was originally proposed by the Cleveland mayor’s office in May at the Cleveland City Council meeting.

But the push to raise prices didn’t come without pushback from the City Council.

“I am not opposing your legislation. Just your legislation doesn’t have the portfolio that is needed to be looked at here at this table,” Ward 1 Council Member Joe Jones said.

This legislation is back on its way to the Cleveland City Council for more discussion, and maybe, a vote.

“Alright, it was a long road on that legislation. Seeing that there are no further questions, the committee is adjourned,” Municipal Services Committee Chair Kevin Bishop said.

According to the ordinance that’s being proposed, fees collected from the Muni Lot as well as three other parking lots in the city would be credited to the Division of Parking Facilities Enterprise Fund for general operations.