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CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio (WJW) — A number of patrons of the Cleveland Orchestra are up in arms, over the way they say they were treated at a concert on Saturday night at the Blossom Music Center.

They say they were told the orchestra’s Harry Potter concert was canceled due to the weather, but they then discovered the event went on as scheduled, and other concert goers were able to sit in the pavilion seats the patrons had paid for.

The Cleveland Orchestra and Blossom say they were trying to protect all of the concertgoers, as thunderstorms were bearing down on Blossom on Saturday. But some of those who had tickets to the show, say they were given misleading and false about what was happening.

Mary Kay Deley of Chardon says she and her family pulled into the Blossom complex, but were quickly diverted to an exit.

Deley told FOX 8, “I asked one of the security folks that were standing in the front, ‘can you tell us, sir, what’s going on?’ and he said ‘Oh, the concert is canceled,’ so we said ‘Okay, I guess that’s the way it is.’ We started to go home, went on Facebook, and on Facebook, there were pictures of the concert going on inside the pavilion.”

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Deley and her husband and daughter had been looking forward to the Cleveland Orchestra’s Harry Potter concert at Blossom, after receiving pavilion tickets as a Christmas gift. When they were told by security that Saturday night’s concert was being canceled due to the weather, they learned that concert goers who arrived early at Blossom were ushered from the lawn into the pavilion for their own safety, and were then able to watch the concert.

Deley says the Cleveland Orchestra and Blossom should have been up front with everyone.

“I think Blossom should be commended for the fact that they brought those folks in and gave them a safe place to be. The problem is that they went ahead with the concert anyway and then they were telling people on the outside that there’s no concert, and that’s the problem,” she said.

The Cleveland Orchestra issued the following statement after the concert:

To our August 20th Harry Potter Blossom ticket holders, we apologize to those who were turned away at Blossom. We made this decision for safety, due to severe weather with the threat of lightning throughout the evening and the risk given the open and exposed areas of the Blossom parking lots and grounds. To request a ticket exchange (including other Orchestra performances at Blossom this season ) or refund, please email the Box Office with either ‘exchange’ or ‘refund’ messaging in the email subject line.

We are working on inquiries as efficiently as possible and appreciate your understanding. The severe weather presented itself at the exact time most of our guests began arriving for the evening around 6:00PM. We were concerned about the danger of people being out in the open in the Blossom parking lots and grounds and the threat of lightning throughout the evening. We allowed people into the Pavilion who had been on the grounds when they opened at 4:30.

Some of the ticket holders who missed the concert on Saturday were able to exchange their tickets for Sunday’s performance at Blossom. Mary Kay Deley says a scheduling conflict prevented her family from attending Sunday’s concert.