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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo announced the birth of two Amur tiger cubs Thursday.

They are the first tigers born in Cleveland in 20 years, according to the Zoo.

The cubs, a male and female, were born overnight between December 24 and December 25, and are being hand-reared by a team of experts.

Amur tigers are an endangered species.

The Zoo says they have an estimated population of only 400-500 in their native range in the far eastern side of Russia and northeastern China.

Over the past few weeks, the cubs have been bottle-fed five times a day and have been gaining weight.

They’ve recently opened their eyes and begun to walk.

Once they are a few months old they will live at the Zoo’s Rosebrough Tiger Passage with their parents.

Both mom, Zoya, and dad, Hector, are doing well, the Zoo reports.