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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Each month, the Cleveland Metroparks shares a “Ten to Explore” list, providing residents with lists of options and activities to explore in its many reservations.

This month, it’s all about wildflowers!

The Cleveland Metroparks put together a list of ten places to photograph wildflowers in spots all over the area.

Tuesday, naturalist Jakob Kudrna showed Fox 8 around one of his favorite spots on the list: the Hemlock Creek Picnic Area at Bedford Reservation.

**Watch that interview above**

There, there Virginia bluebells are nearing the end of their blooms, but still cover the forest floors.

Other places on the list include Jackson Field at South Chagrin Reservation, where you can find white fawn lily growing near yellow trout lily. Then, there’s the Quarry Loop at Bradley Woods Reservation, where you can see Joe-Pye weed, tall ironweed and other summer wildflowers.

For more details on each location and what you can find there, click here.

**Fox 8 will highlight the Cleveland Metroparks’ ‘Ten to Explore’ lists every month. Check back in June!**