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CLEVELAND — Mayor Frank Jackson and other city leaders announced new efforts Tuesday when it comes to public safety in the city of Cleveland.

Mayor Jackson announced his plans for a legislative agenda to address gun violence within the city.

Cleveland had a series of gun laws that were nearly wiped out by state law back in 2007.

The mayor and city council want to redefine all that.

“There are rules and regulations that may be appropriate for people in rural areas that are not appropriate for people in city areas. We should be given the ability to be specific to those challenges in our area,” said Mayor Jackson.

The mayor cited challenges like when 2-year-old Derrice Alexander, Jr. was shot and killed last week.

His father, a convicted felon, is under arrest for that crime.

“We are not going to sit around and be victims. We’re not going to just sit here and say, ‘will someone please help us?’ We will do our own thing,” said Mayor Jackson.

Tuesday, the mayor proposed a comprehensive gun control code within the city, including a gun offender registry, rules against selling firearms to known felons and minors, and improperly allowing access to firearms to a minor.

“I didn’t like the part with the child home with the gun. A child can be at home with a gun as long as they know the proper safety,” said Chantall Freeman, who works at Stonewall LTD. Gun Shop in Broadview Heights.

Freeman and other local gun owners said the mayor’s proposals contradict state law.

“It’s not fair to everybody for him to try and control that city. The law is across the whole state of Ohio. Everybody should be treated fairly so why should we try and control one city?” asked Freeman.

They said the proposal is a form of gun control, a violation of the second amendment.

“If Cleveland is able to do this, then another city is going to try. And another city is going to try. We’ve already been through this before,” added Freeman.

The mayor said council is working on the new set of gun laws and it will be discussed at the next meeting on July 16.