CLEVELAND (WJW) – Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb officially endorses State Issue 1 and Issue 2, which are both on the ballot in November. 

Mayor Bibb visited Fox 8 News on Wednesday morning to urge the passage of the state’s abortion amendment. He was a strong supporter of the effort to get Issue 1 on the ballot.

“This is about making sure that women across our city, and women across our state have access to abortion. Because abortion is a part of our healthcare system and we can’t negate the importance of making sure we do what the majority of Ohioans would want to do; having safe, legal access to reproductive healthcare all across our state,” Bibb told Fox 8 News.

Mayor Bibb says the failure of Issue 1 in November would disproportionately affect Cleveland and minority residents, according to a release from his office.

According to the release, Bibb will spend the next few weeks talking to Cleveland voters about Issue 1.

“I think Issue 1 speaks to what a majority of Ohioans want to see. A recent polling has shown that a majority of Ohioans believe that the language in the amendment speaks to a common sense approach to making sure we protect a woman’s right to choose. And, a majority of Ohioans believe that this choice between a woman, her family, her doctor and her god. That’s what this is all about,” Bibb said.

In April, Bibb announced his endorsement of Issue 1 and a partnership with Protect Choice Ohio. 

According to the release, Bibb also endorses Issue 2 on the November ballot, legalizing recreational use of marijuana.

Ohio Right to Life Director of Communications Rachel del Guidice later released a statement saying, “More African American babies are aborted in the greater Cleveland area than anywhere else in our state. It is truly disheartening that Mayor Bibb is advocating for Issue 1, which, if it passes, will legalize painful, late-term abortion up to the very moment of birth. African Americans account for only about 14 percent of Ohio’s population but have over 40 percent of the abortions in Ohio. It is dismaying that Mayor Bibb does not see this tragic reality and only wants to make painful, late-term abortion, legal in our state. Issue 1 goes too far for all Ohioans, whether you are a Democrat or Republican, pro-choice, or pro-life. It will eliminate a parent’s right to know if their underage child is considering an abortion and remove health and safety safeguards. Issue 1 is too extreme for our state, and it is a failure of leadership for Mayor Bibb to support this dangerous amendment.