CLEVELAND (WJW)– Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb said the city is reviewing its plan for snow removal following this week’s storm.

Some parts of the city saw 15 inches of snow during that storm that stretched Sunday night into Monday. The Cleveland Metropolitan School District was closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Monday’s snowstorm hit our city hard. We used every truck, snowplow, and driver available, but it wasn’t good enough,” Bibb said in a video.

Bibb, who was sworn in on Jan. 3., called out the previous administration: former Mayor Frank Jackson, who held the office since 2006.

“I inherited a broken system that needs significant overhaul and investment. I heard you. We need a new snow removal plan to ensure we are better prepared for the next storm. I’m working closely with the department of public works, the department of public safety and our new chief of operations to seriously review this week’s response and develop actionable recommendations for an enhanced snow emergency response plan for the future,” Bibb said.

He said he will provide an update on the plan next week.

“My number one priority is the safety of all Clevelanders. I heard your comments, your concerns and your frustrations. I’m frustrated too. For too long, we’ve neglected to invest in delivering high-quality basic city services. That’s why I ran to be your mayor.”