CLEVELAND (WJW) – Mayor Justin Bibb delivered his State of the City address Wednesday evening.

During the address, Bibb discussed the progress his administration has made during his first year in office, touching on a variety of topics from public safety to education.

“Keeping people safe is crucial,” Bibb said. “We negotiated the largest pay increase ever for our police officers. An 11% pay increase over the next three years.”

While highlighting the importance of first responders and their service, Bibb paid tribute to firefighter Johnny Tetrick, who was killed in a hit and run in November.

He also thanked detective Mark Bahrijczuk, who is recovering after being shot in the line of duty.

Bibb said they’re getting closer to finding a new CEO for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

The crowd gave a standing ovation to current CEO Eric Gordon, who resigned back in September. His term will end in June.

The speech also focused on modernizing city government, economic development and breaking the barrier to progress for the city and its people.

“We know full well that change is hard, but today is also a time for optimism because together we have made significant progress in keeping our citizens safe, creating jobs and opportunities for our residents. And together, we have sounded with one resounding voice that Cleveland is open and ready for business,” he said.

The Bibb administration answered questions from the community from the East Tech High School.

You can watch the full address here.