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CLEVELAND– A Cuyahoga County judge sentenced a Cleveland man convicted of raping two 6-year-old girls.

A jury found 42-year-old Kabron Norman guilty on 10 counts, including rape, kidnapping and gross sexual imposition. On Friday, Common Pleas Judge Joseph D. Russo sentenced him to two consecutive life terms without parole.

According to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, Norman was babysitting the twin victims when the assault occurred. The girls’ 8-year-old brother witnessed the attack and told her mother, who called police.

“Life without parole is a gift, compared to the trauma felt by these two 6-year-old girls and the heartache felt by the jury,” said assistant prosecutor Ronni Ducoff in a news release on Friday. “This jury witnessed one victim demonstrate… a sex act, an image that will forever be embedded in the memory of all who were present in the courtroom.”