CLEVELAND (WJW) — The city’s leaf pickup program — which was canceled in 2022 but later resumed after resident pushback — starts Monday, Nov. 14 and will continue “for several weeks.”

It’s only in “high-generation areas,” according to a news release. A map of those areas can be found on the city’s website.

Residents must have raked leaves to their tree lawn by this past Sunday, Nov. 13.

“Residents are also reminded never to take leaves into the street, where they may clog sewers, create hazards for traffic and cyclists and affect snow and ice removal,” reads the release.

Mayor Justin Bibb said the city is “exploring ways to enhance leaf collection and other critical city services as we prepare for the 2023 budget and beyond.”

Residents living anywhere in the city can also put bagged leaves out with the trash on their usual collection day. There is unlimited pickup for bagged leaves.

Don’t want to rake? You don’t have to. Leaves left on the lawn will decompose over winter as a natural mulch, leaving their nutrients in the soil.

You can mulch leaves where they fall, chop them up with your mower, or choose to move the leaves,” reads a post from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“Leaves work well in between rows of crops or around fruit trees, areas where there is heavy machine or foot traffic, and shaded areas where vegetation doesn’t grow well. They can also be used in between growing seasons rather than leaving the soil bare. The leaves can also be useful in areas that have compacted soil as they help to reduce runoff as well as using their nutrients to create healthier soils.”