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CLEVELAND (WJW) – If you’re a restaurant server, you might want to move to Cleveland. A recent study found that Cleveland is the highest-tipping metropolitan area in the U.S.

Data from Toast, a management system for restaurants, shows the average tip percentages of 12 metropolitan areas including Cleveland, Denver, Salk Lake City, Phoenix, Richmond, Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Toast found where a tip was added to the order with a credit card or digital payment. Cash tips were not included in the data analysis from Toast.

Of those 12 areas, Cleveland was the clear winner, with an average tipping rate of 20.6%. San Franciso came in last with an average tipping rate of 17%.

According to Toast, about 48% of restaurant transactions included a tip in the form of a card or digital payment in the last quarter of 2022. That is up about 11% since quarter one of 2020.

When looking at each individual state’s tipping averages, Delaware came out on top with a 21.8% average in quarter four of 2022.

According to Toast, this is the first time Indiana has been bumped from the top spot since Toast started tracking state tipping averages, coming in at 20.8%. 

California remains the least generous state for tipping on the Toast platform, with an average tip percentage of 17.5%.