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CLEVELAND (WJW)– A unique home for sale in Cleveland is getting national attention.

Harry Larweh has been creating and displaying his art at his home on Bosworth Road for about nine years. Sculptures of a dinosaur, an elephant and a giraffe sit in his front yard.

But now the native of Ghana has decided to sell the property and move back to the West African country.

“I need to take a break. There’s too much stress on me right now,” Larweh said.

The art continues inside the house with other smaller sculptures and furniture, mostly made using mahogany from Ghana.

“I made the mistake of finishing it inside. And it was no fun bringing it out. And I learned a big lesson from that,” Larweh said of the giraffe sitting out front.

In addition to the life-size dino, the home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Its listed price is $162,000.