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CLEVELAND – Just shy of spring, airports across the country are bracing for a major winter storm. Thousands of flight delays and cancellations are leaving fliers in limbo.

“We got, what about four, five hours,” said Peter Torneanu to his wife after their flight was cancelled. “I hope they don’t cancel that one. I hope they don’t cancel it but you never know with the bad weather.”

Hopkins Airport officials say they’re ready for the storm. They’re pretreating runways and prepping staff for possible overtime.

“Obviously people are concerned about whether or not their flight will still be there,” Michelle Dynia with Hopkins Airport. “The airlines are doing whatever they can to get you where you need to go.”

Depending on your ticket and airline you may be eligible to book another flight free of charge. It’s an offer many airlines are extending to frustrated fliers this week.

FOX 8 Meteorologists say through Wednesday nearly 65 million people could get at least six inches of snow. A comical fact for people stranded at Hopkins trying to get to warmer weather.

“Funny thing is our kids are swimming back in Phoenix right now,” said Torneanu.

“What I need is for Beyoncé to bring me her private jet,” said Mathew Knowles, Beyonce’s father. He was at the airport trying to fly out as well, proving that Mother Nature can be a bigger celebrity than anyone when it comes to a winter storm.