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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Mildred Santana says she heard a loud bang coming from the house next door and knew exactly what it was.

On Saturday, her neighbor and friend Sherry Heart had a vehicle crash into her home on West Boulevard in Cleveland

“It was ridiculous, it’s just ridiculous. I can’t sleep, I’m nervous. She is the same way now. It’s too much, too many, too often,” said Santana. 

For Heart, it’s the 4th time her house has been damaged by a vehicle. That number matches Santana, whose house was hit for the 4th time by a vehicle last year.

Then there is Jimmy Rivera, who lives next door, and he says his home has been struck by a vehicle several times as well.

“It’s a headache, it’s time-consuming, it’s frustrating. You have to go through all this legal trouble. It’s very, very frustrating,” explained Rivera. 

On Monday, a crew was busy out in front of Heart’s home fixing her guardrail. 

Santana estimates the two guardrails that protect her, and Heart’s home have both been repaired at least 30 times each. Not to mention the never-ending projects to fix the damage at each home. 

“It’s very costly, because sometimes people hit us and they don’t have any insurance or they hit us and they run, they just leave their vehicles there. So, we just have to pick up the cost of what our insurance doesn’t want to pay,” said Santana. 

Santana, Rivera and Heart are all beyond frustrated and feel they aren’t getting any help. 

“I just want ODOT to understand that there is a problem. They say there is not a problem, there is a problem,” explained Santana. 

They want to see something get done to fix the issue before it’s too late.

“This is a life-or-death situation. We don’t want someone to get killed,” shared Santana.