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CLEVELAND  – From the halls of John Hay High School’s campus in Cleveland to Ivy League prestige.

Dana Harris, a senior at the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine, received her acceptance letter to Princeton University on March 30th via email.

Dana says, “I checked U Penn first and Cornell and I was wait-listed at U Penn and denied at Cornell and I was just upset so I checked Princeton, just to check it and I didn’t expect anything above wait listed but I got accepted. ‘Your reaction?’ I screamed and cried.”

Even more amazing, Dana’s twin sister got accepted to not one, but two Ivy League colleges.

She received this video acceptance from Yale University, then Harvard’s acceptance letter.

Both sisters crediting their academic success to the people who raised them.

“My parents were huge supporters. They knew what their daughters were going to do. They hoped that we would get into the colleges that we dreamed of,” said Danielle Harris.

And yes, there is a third students from John Hay now Ivy League bound.

Lauryn Hamilton has been accepted to Cornell. Danielle and Lauryn’s principal could not be more proud.

“They’re both very kind-hearted students. They’re very hardworking students and in particular, those are the students I always saw working when they didn’t have to work,” said Chaundria Smith.

Once a district with the lowest graduation rates in the state, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is steadily turning things around.

All three young ladies have focused on volunteer work and other extracurricular activities in their community.

Danielle will major in theater and dance. Lauryn, biological sciences and Dana is still undecided.

But with a 3.9 GPA, the sky’s the limit.

Even more exciting news for John Hay, two more students are currently waiting for their Ivy League acceptance letters…fingers crossed.