CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW) – Postal problems continue to frustrate residents in one Northeast Ohio community. 

The situation appears to be so bad that the Cleveland Heights City Council passed a resolution demanding the United State Postal Service fix its staffing shortages and deliver mail to residents.

People who live in certain neighborhoods in Cleveland Heights say, in recent months, they have sometimes gone weeks without getting mail.

Cindy Evans lives on Greyton Road in Cleveland Heights. She and many of her neighbors have been frustrated because over the past few months, they haven’t received their mail. 

Coincidentally, when we turned on her street around 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, we spotted a mail truck.

“It’s frustrating because, you know, you’re supposed to get mail on a daily basis, except Sundays, and also you’re looking for important documents during a certain time, like maybe your tax documents and your bills,” Evans said.

“The residents were calling, saying, ‘Hey councilwoman Russell, do you know why we’re not getting our mail? It has been three weeks,’ and I was like ‘Are you kidding?'” said councilmember Davida Russell.

Russell says she’s been flooded with phone calls since Christmas. Earlier this month, she proposed a resolution, which was approved, that demands the U.S. Postal Service address staffing shortages that have impacted parts of the city.

“I have too many residents that are complaining that they are not getting their mail and in Cleveland Heights, we have almost 35,000 adults, but 8,500 of them are seniors that need their prescription drugs. They need their bills. Everyone has not gone paperless yet,” said the councilwoman.

“I remember a neighbor telling me she was really upset because she, for Christmas, she never received a gift card that a relative had sent her,” said Evans.

Councilwoman Russell says council members were told the postal service is short-staffed.

“We have like 41 routes here in Cleveland Heights, and on any given day, we have six routes with no carriers,” Russell said.

The U.S. Postal Service sent FOX 8 this brief statement, saying, “The Postal Service will review the concerns raised by the Cleveland Heights City Council and respond directly to them.”

“It’s a lot better, but there’s still days where we’re not getting our mail,” said Evans.

“I admire the postal workers who are on the job, who are working those 12 and 14 hour a day…people robbing you, stealing your key. We still hold blessings over you, but we know that you need help and we’re trying to help you get some help,” said Russell.

Councilwoman Russell admits that things have improved since the resolution was passed.

The Postal Service sent FOX 8 a news release Tuesday, saying they are holding hiring workshops several days during the month of February.