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CLEVELAND — A house on Sandusky and Clarebird Ave. in Cleveland was destroyed during an explosion Thursday afternoon.

Cleveland police and firefighters responded and quickly contained the fire and began searching for victims. It does not appear at this time that anyone was injured, but at least one other home sustained damage.

The owner says the home was vacant but it was not abandoned.

The homeowner’s daughter, Debbie Jenkins, tried to fight back the tears saying, “It’s awful! She owned this house for 47 years. It’s the house we grew up in. I’m at a loss for words.”

Debbie says the older brick home was in pristine condition with granite countertops and custom curtains. Although her mother moved out about a year ago, the utilities were still active because the home was listed for sale.

The explosion remains under investigation. A Dominion East Ohio spokesperson said there were no reports of an odor of gas in the area, but someone still might have broken into the home to steal pipes or a squatter could have been trying to stay warm.

Neighbor, Charles Brown, who was making chicken when the explosion happened, said, “I run to the front door and my neighbor came out at the same time. By the time I came out, debris was falling from the sky.

Kelli Bryant thought something happened in her own home. She said, “It shook me. It was a big boom.”

The photo below is an image from Google Maps of the home before the explosion (it’s the brick home.)