CLEVELAND (WJW) – A local kennel is quite literally overflowing with dogs.

“I think it really came to a head the last couple days. I think on Wednesday we had 20 dogs come in,” said adoption coordinator Izzy Esler with City Dogs Cleveland. “Right now we are at 145. Yesterday we peaked at 160. Fortunately, we got some dogs adopted, transferred.”

Esler said the kennel is an open intake shelter that cannot stop the flow of stray dogs coming in the

“We have some crates set up in our office’s community room. We have dogs that are too big for their cages because we have to put them somewhere,” said Esler.

It’s a 33% increase in pet surrenders. That’s drastic change from when pet adoptions soared in the pandemic.

“I think it’s more people going back to work, there is financial instability. People are on vacation, kids are going back to school so people aren’t talking about adopting a dog,” said Esler.

The shelter is also seeing a big reduction in spay and neuter resources right now. A lot of offices got hit hard during the pandemic so a lot of dogs didn’t get fixed and the shelter is seeing the impact of that.

Esler said the kennel can’t sustain this pace for much longer and needs the public’s help in adopting and reuniting lost dogs.

How to help

From City Dogs: ADOPT – we need adopters for these dogs! We currently have over 110 dogs up for adoption. If you are able to adopt a dog, please complete our brief Meet and Greet form at Adoption fees are just $61 which includes basic vaccinations, a county license, a microchip, spay/neuter if needed and of course a new BFF! We try to get to know each of our dogs as best we can so that our adoption counselors can help you/your family find a good fit! We have young, wiggly goofballs and more refined, chill, mature dogs and plenty in between. You can view them all at So whether you’re into hiking adventures or lots of downtime on the couch, we can help you find a buddy – please consider if now is the time to add a new member to your household, because animals in shelters across the country are very much in need of that chance.REUNITE LOST DOGS – if you or anyone you know is missing a dog, we urge you to please check the kennel! You can view all dogs we currently have that were found as strays at You can call 216-664-3069 if you see a potential match and our kennel is located at 9203 Detroit Ave. We have many dogs here that we know must be missing their families – we want to get them home!