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CLEVELAND (WJW) — A local councilman is calling for change after a high-speed police chase Wednesday morning through several communities.

Cleveland Councilman Blaine Griffin is asking Ohio Attorney General David Yost to establish statewide policies and guidelines relative to high-speed police chases across multiple municipalities.

This comes after a high-speed chase Wednesday morning from neighboring Shaker Heights through Cleveland along Woodland Avenue.

The ended in a crash at a business on Woodland and Buckeye Road.

“When I responded to the scene, people were traumatized.  It happened as kids were boarding the bus for school and people were going to work,” said Griffin.

Griffin is asking Yost to reconstitute Gov. Mike DeWine’s Advisory Group on Law Enforcement Vehicle Pursuit.

The advisory group encouraged municipalities to establish guidelines for police chases.

Under Cleveland’s pursuit policy, persons accused of minor, misdemeanor crimes are not to be chased. Chases are allowed only when police are pursuing suspects involved in violent crimes or drunk driving.