CLEVELAND (WJW) – Two Parma police pursuits ended with deadly crashes in Cleveland and now, some city council members are demanding a meeting.

“What really prompted it is that twice we’ve had the city of Parma chasing vehicles into the city of Cleveland and causing accidents,” said Ward 12 city councilwoman Rebecca Maurer.

Maurer is among the council members calling for a meeting between Cleveland’s safety director and Parma city leaders to discuss interjurisdictional police chase policy.

“We know from the history of these chases that suburban communities that have more aggressive police chase policies are coming into Cleveland over and over and over again,” said Maurer.

Most recently, two people were killed and two others injured after a high-speed police chase that led to a crash on State Route 176 in Cleveland Saturday night.

“Our officer did pursue him, he lost him and he self-terminated the pursuit. The officer did continue on the path he thought the suspect was going, he did not know that the car had basically done a U-turn,” said Lt. Dan Ciryak with the Parma Police Department.

Last Thursday, a Parma police pursuit ended in a crash in Old Brooklyn, where the suspect died and an innocent bystander in a second car was injured.

“Typically when we have a pursuit going into another city, we notify that city to let them know there is a pursuit going into the city,” said Ciryak.

Parma’s safety director released the following statement saying:

“We both share the same goal: improving public safety and the effective administration of justice. I discussed with Mayor DeGeeter who also believes such a discussion between our two cities is a great idea and can only serve to further improve policy and our working relationship.”

Cleveland’s safety director did not respond to a request for comment Monday.