CLEVELAND (WJW) – A new view of downtown living, retail and entertainment is being proposed for Cleveland’s E. 4th Street.

“We need to reimagine our downtown that may not be just a place where people go to work, because that may not be the case anymore, but as a place where people live and has the amenities to make it a complete neighborhood,” said MRD, LTD developer Ari Maron.

Maron has been a partner with the city for the past 23 years, developing the original concept for E. 4th Street, but he says it’s time for a makeover.

On Tuesday, tentative renderings were presented before Cleveland City Council.

The city’s first outdoor drinking area would include plans to relocate the valet area to Prospect and Euclid avenues, making way for swings and canopies along the 450-foot long stretch of E. 4th Street.

“It’s definitely going to affect us in a positive way. Going to be hot outside and people love pizza. We do sell beer and things like that,” said pizza shop owner Mitchelle Farmer

When the popular Chocolate Bar recently closed, it was a major blow to the area. The proposed outdoor space will hopefully attract new restaurants and business.

“Most businesses are not open for lunch because there’s not an office market,” Maron added. “The happy hours are not what we’ve seen. When there’s event at Pickwick or at the ball parks, we’re busy. When there’s not an event, we’re dead.”

Permitted under a state law change in 2015, the outdoor space would allow patrons of drinking age to purchase alcoholic beverages and enjoy them outside in a designated area.

Some East 4th Street businesses are already open to the plan.

The developers have been working over the past year and a half with a Downtown Cleveland Alliance, getting input on the project.

The project will need city council approval. If there are no objections, they hope to have the project completed by this summer.