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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained video showing how a 911 call to police led to an extraordinary moment.

The Cleveland police officers sent to the call were father and son.

Anthony Estremera followed his dad, Max Estremera, into a career as a cop. They recently spent a night protecting your streets on patrol side by side.

A routine call for a domestic dispute turned into an unforgettable police response.

Father and son rolled up as officers in a patrol car together. They went up to the door and they straightened out what was going on without anyone getting arrested.

Max said about his son, “He was the driver. I let him take the lead on everything.”

“Seemed like we had a pretty good connection and we were pretty in sync with what we were doing,” Anthony said about his dad. “Looking at my dad through my entire childhood, he was always somebody I could look up to. No matter what I was doing. No matter what questions I had.”

Max added, “When he asked me to go into law enforcement, I said, ‘OK. You want to do it?’ I said, ‘You know what’s involved with it.’ and, now he’s a cop. It’s awesome.”

Father and son don’t work as partners every day. Dad, a Cleveland Police veteran working in the traffic unit.

His son is assigned to patrol, but recently they worked the streets together for a night when one shift was short-handed.

They walked away from that domestic call with a smile after what a man there said to Max about his son.

Max said, “He looked at both of us and looked at my son and he said, ‘You should be more like your partner.’ and I kind of chuckled inside.”

So, it’s not a permanent team, but they’d be happy to team up again and come to help at an emergency near you.

Anthony said, “I deal with him a good amount of time outside of work, but I wouldn’t mind working with him some more.”

Max said, “I thought it was awesome to share this experience and to say that we did it in a lifetime.”