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CLEVELAND — Cleveland headquartered ThrowFlame, the oldest flamethrower manufacturer in the United States, is now selling an attachment that can turn your drone into a flame-thrower that can hit targets 25 feet away for up to 100 seconds.

The TF-19 Wasp, a functional flame-spewing drone attachment, is designed for use with lightweight drones with a 5-pound payload capacity.

It has a one gallon fuel capacity and can be used to clear debris from power lines, get rid of nests, help with remote agriculture burns, and even start back-burns to contain wild-fires.

The attachment is available for purchase online and  costs about $1,500. A waitlist has already been listed for the product.

According to the ThrowFlame, flamethrower drones are federally legal and not considered weapons; however, users are still required to comply with the FAA’s UAS rules in addition to local ordinances.

Learn more about the TF-19 Wasp here.