CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – They’re cute, cuddly and could all use a good home. At the Cleveland APL, there is always the need to make room for more cats and dogs.

Right now, the space in the kennel and cat rooms are crowded but comfortable and they’re always looking to give one of these pets a new home.

But some of the animals that could be at the APL have to wait their turn.

“We have a decent waiting list of cats and dogs waiting to come in, so we really need people to adopt so we can keep helping the animals that need to come to us,” said Cleveland APL Director Sharon Harvey.

Harvey said shelters all over the region are pretty full right now.

First, it is prime cat breeding season. Un-spayed females are having large litters and there are quite a few kittens that are brought in almost daily.

Others are cramped for space because of families surrendering animals that they can’t care for anymore for economic or other reasons.

The Cleveland APL has not seen a big influx of surrendered pets, but they say unfortunately it happens all the time.

“We still have not surpassed 2019 numbers. We’re definitely seeing surrenders going up from 2020 and 2021, but those were of course very unusual years, so yes, we sadly always see people who really don’t want to surrender their pet but they have things they just cannot address,” Harvey said.

To help ease their space before it gets too crowded, the APL and its partners are teaming up this weekend to waive all adoption fees for adult cats and dogs.

Kittens have a reduced fee of $50. You would still have to pay the county dog license fee, but if you qualify, you can basically get a an adult pet at little to no cost.

It’s a way for them to whittle down their waiting list.

“We cannot help more animals until we find homes for the animals that already have come to us.” Harvey said.

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