KENT, Ohio (WJW) — On Friday, images from above Water Street in Kent were downright frightening.

The chaos taking place just a few doors down from where Angie Taliaferro has spent most of her life. 

“It’s just a big part of our lives from for owning up here in town, I just couldn’t believe it,” said Taliaferro. 

Taliaferro, whose family has owned Pennington’s barber shop since 1974, says she has never seen anything like what happened on Friday. However, she was worried immediately knowing the fire started at West Milling Company. 

“That’s a big concern, with it being an old grain mill and a lot of grain dust. I was always taught just from growing up that if the mill was ever on fire, you want to get out,” explained Taliaferro. 

As it turns out, those childhood warnings became a reality. When crews began working on the fire at 9 a.m., an explosion escalated everything.

“Unfortunately, they had to put the fire out throughout the whole day and the night,” said Taliaferro. 

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt during the incident, though two firefighters sustained minor injuries. 

Crews worked most of the day to put out the flames and then began cleanup efforts on Saturday. 

Taliaferro says she is beyond grateful for those that responded on both days. 

“I mean, thank God for all the firemen in town, the fireman in the surrounding areas for rushing to the scene,” shared Taliaferro.