(WJW) – A Cleveland entrepreneur’s invention is now available at Walmart.com, and soon to be available at several Walmart stores.

Brynne Moody says she landed a deal with Walmart on a product she has been working on for six years called the “Caselet.”

The Caselet is a cell phone case that can be worn as a bracelet. Perfect for women who are wearing an outfit without pockets.

“We always have our phone on us but so often don’t have a pocket to put it in.  We carry a million things and misplace or drop it all the time,” said Moody in a press release.

She explains, there are two parts to her design:

  • The cell phone case which is clear with a clip on the back.   
  • The bracelet that comes in different colors and styles.

Moody said she has been an aspiring entrepreneur and inventor for a decade and calls the deal with Walmart “a huge first step in achieving her goals.”

You can purchase the Caselet for $19.99, here. She says it will then be available at 65 Walmart store locations around the country beginning May 2, 2023.