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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – The Cleveland Division of Police is taking the lead on the investigation of a shooting that happened Wednesday when an undercover DEA agent shot a 20-year-old in the street.

The shooting took place in the afternoon near East 82nd St. and Decker Ave.

According to DEA Special Agent in Charge Keith Martin, two men approached a car with DEA agents who were in plain clothes.

Martin said one man had a weapon.

“The agent felt threatened,” Martin said.

“The agent jumped out of the car,” he continued.

Martin said gunfire was exchanged, however, he could not say if 20-year-old Trayvon Johnson fired a shot.

At last update, Johnson was in surgery at the hospital. There has been no further update on his condition.

Johnson’s family disputed those details.

They say he had just been dropped off at home.

“My nephew pulled up in a black car. When he got out the car, that man came out his car and didn’t say nothing and just started shooting — pow, pow, pow,” Trayvon Johnson’s uncle, Theodore Johnson, told FOX 8.

Neither the DEA nor Cleveland police said what type of weapon Trayvon had or if a gun was recovered at the scene.

They did not say if they found anything illegal on his person.

The agent was not hurt.

“It may have been a carjacking or robbery, we don’t know,” Martin said.

“Nobody knows exactly what happened except the three or four people involved in it,” said Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams.

“We’re praying that the person who is injured is okay,” Chief Williams said.

“Our law enforcement people are out here to protect the community.”

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