(WJW) – Clairvoyance or coincidence? That’s the question many are asking a teacher after a photo of her and her husband’s Halloween 2020 costumes went viral on Instagram.

On October 30, 2020, teacher Makayla Stephens posted a picture on Instagram of her and her husband dressed up as Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce for Halloween. 

“I don’t know any world in which Taylor Swift + Travis Kelce would be in the same room together, but apparently in this one they’re married?” Stephens wrote in the caption.

Commenters in 2023 on Stephens’ Instagram post are playing into the “clairvoyance” accusations. 

User thisisrealak said, “Can you please manifest me passing this semester?” While user bridge.pat12 said, “Girl, go buy a lottery ticket.”

After gaining popularity on social media, the couple got to go to New York City for a “once-in-a-lifetime” trip where they got to meet with reporters, “From different news stations every few hours and see as much of NYC as we could in just 24 hours,” according to the caption on Stephens’ Instagram

On Wednesday, Stephens posted a photo of the couple looking a lot like their 2020 Halloween costumes at an actual Chiefs game.

This all comes after rumors began swirling about a relationship between Kelce and Swift this summer. Swift has now been seen at two Kansas City Chiefs games rooting for Kelce himself.