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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — The Cleveland International Film Festival is moving permanently to Playhouse Square.

According to a press release, the change will be made for the 2021 festival. The move follows a 14-year run at Cedar Lee Theater and a 30-year run at Tower City Cinemas.

Festival attendees will be able to screen films at locations including the Allen Theater, KeyBank State Theater, Mimi Ohio Theater and Connor Palace.

“By moving to Playhouse Square, the CIFF gets to remain in our beloved downtown Cleveland and under one phenomenal roof,” said Executive Director of CIFF Marcie Goodman. “We will have the privilege to be part of a thriving arts district where the sum of our Film Festival and Playhouse Square parts, along with the other resident companies, will be profoundly strong. The time is right for us to make the move in 2021 and to position ourselves within an incredible entertainment complex with multiple-sized venues and enormous capacity. It will be thrilling for us to create a different audience experience, from intimate to grand, as we honor Playhouse Square’s past, which was built on cinema. We cannot wait for our future to begin!”

The 44th Cleveland International Film Festival will be held March 25 to April 5 at Tower City Cinemas. Attendance the last five years has topped 100,000.

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