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xmas12“What we wanted to build is a fun place, and that’s what Castle Noel is.”
– Castle Noel’s Mark Klaus


Experience Christmas like you never have before at Castle Noel in Medina.  Not only will the movie memorabilia and toy displays take you down memory lane, you’ll also be able to check out things like Santa’s Chimney Squeeze and the Blizzard Vortex!


You’d think gravity would do the work when Santa goes down the chimney, but it’s not as easy as you might think.  It takes a little muscle, a little finesse and maybe even some luck!  Castle Noel lets guests train to deliver presents by using Santa’s Chimney Squeeze, a device from the North Pole that helps Santa practice.  You’ll be able to experience what Santa does when he makes his deliveries.


No matter how old you are, you can probably remember the thrill of playing in the snow.  The rush of the wind as you slid down the hill or the way it looked as you gazed into the sky to catch snowflakes on your tongue.  Well, Castle Noel’s Blizzard Vortex is unlike either of those things, but you’re going to love it!  It’s crazy!  And not nearly as easy to walk through as it looks!


Christmas just isn’t Christmas without twinkling lights — and lots of them!  Around Castle Noel you’ll find movie memorabilia that will astound you.  A tiny model home may not look like much, but when you press the button to turn it on, you’ll get quite the show.  Check out this prop from ‘Deck The Halls.’  When it was filmed from above, it looked like an entire house all decorated in lights.  Sure saves on the electric bill, doesn’t it?


Take a ride like Ralphie.  Castle Noel lets you experience the slide from that iconic scene in ‘A Christmas Story.’  “You’ll shoot yer eye out, kid.  Merry Christmas.  Ho … ho … ho.”  Here’s what you’ll see as you go all the way down, but the video doesn’t do it justice.  You have to try this for yourself!


They’re a certain joy in making noise, especially a noise you don’t usually get to make.  Castle Noel lets you ring the bell up in the bell tower.  Yes, one of those huge bells!  There’s a long rope that you pull and you can hear the bell ring out through the square.  Just don’t pull too hard like the morning crew did!

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