AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – After the first of a new year, the Akron YMCA is typically focused on accommodating new members for its gyms who are trying to lose weight.  But with a threatened teachers strike just days away, they are trying to determine how they might accommodate more of Akron’s 20-thousand school children in their daycare program.

“You can’t have 100 kids with one adult being involved, so I’m not quite sure the number we are going to cap it at yet, but I know there should be some spots available for folks who are not already involved with us with the YMCA,” said YMCA Marketing Director Judi Christie.

If teachers strike on Monday, the district will have limited daycare available at several of its buildings including Ellet, Innis, Robinson and Jennings Community Learning Center.

The YMCA is preparing to take additional students into its Firestone Park facility on a first come first serve basis.

“We’ve given our YMCA families up until noon on Friday to let us know for sure if they need our help,” said Christie.

Local Boys and Girls clubs are also taking calls for their after-school programs.

Representatives of the Akron Education Association and Akron Public School Administrators were back at the bargaining table Thursday afternoon.

Both sides have been negotiating a new teachers’ contract since March, but as of Thursday morning, several issues remain unsettled.

They include healthcare benefits, wages and violence in schools.

“What we are mostly concerned with and overwhelmingly needed to be addressed is what’s happening inside our buildings with issues of teacher assault, weapons in the buildings with assaults happening on teachers almost on a daily basis,” said Union President Pat Shipe.

If no agreement is reached by the end of the day Thursday, another session is scheduled for Saturday.

Should there be no agreement after that, Shipe says she is prepared to deliver pickets to the union’s 28 hundred members first thing Monday morning.

Akron Public Schools has alerted parents that if that happens, buses will not be running to the public school buildings. Classes are expected to continue remotely.

The district will distribute bagged breakfast and lunches at several different school buildings, but athletic events will also be canceled.

As of Thursday, not knowing what will happen leaves parents and the community needing to prepare for the worst.

But both sides insist they are willing to stay at the table and try to reach an agreement that would avoid a strike

“We are trying not to speculate, we are going to deal with facts, the fact is nobody wants a strike, our teachers would much rather be in the classroom teaching students,” Shipe told FOX 8 on Monday.

“If there is a strike, it will be because there is a lack of good faith negotiations on the part of the administration. Whether we strike or not is entirely 100 percent up to them,” said union attorney Donald Malarcik.