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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The IRS has updated its list of frequently asked questions regarding how child tax credits and advance child tax credits affect people’s 2021 tax filings.

Now, big questions like how to calculate your payments and how to unenroll from the payments are answered in one easy space. And this is a good thing seeing as how the government money given to families to help during the pandemic could deliver a change in potential tax refunds, depending on how much money you made.

As advance payments were estimates based on what families made in 2020, people need to be wary there could be a discrepancy.

Families could have gotten six advanced monthly payments totaling $1,800 for kids 5 and under, and up to $1,500 for those 6-17.

But payments all depended on income, and if some households went up in what’s called a phaseout they may need to give the government some of that money back. The two thresholds (phaseouts) to look out for are $150,000 as a couple or $75,000 as a single parent and then $200,000 for single filers and $400,000 with dual income.

Taxpayers also need to be on the lookout for separate letters from the IRS coming this month discussing not only the child tax credit payment but also any stimulus checks. When those arrive, do not throw them away, they should break down how much money was given to you.

As the IRS is reportedly still behind on some tax filings from 2020, it’s imperative to fill out the forms as correctly as possible to receive any refunds in a timely manner.

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