(WJW) — FirstEnergy is paying back some customers as part of a multi-million dollar settlement relating to state’s largest public corruption scandal. Here’s how to get your (likely small) piece of the payout.

FirstEnergy Corp. settled a federal class-action lawsuit in which the utility was accused of racketeering in order to secure the passage of Ohio House Bill 6, which included a $100 million bailout for two failing nuclear plants owned by a former FirstEnergy subsidiary. As a result, some FirstEnergy to pay more than they should have on their electric bill.

That settlement includes a monetary payment of $49 million, according to the class-action attorneys’ official website, OhioElectricityLitigation.com.

Anyone who paid Ohio Edison, Cleveland Electric or Toledo Edison any rates for fees that arose from the passage of HB 6 from Jan. 1, 2020, to June 22, 2022, between may be a member of the settlement class and entitled to some of the settlement money.

The payments started being distributed on July 31. Eligible recipients can expect to receive — or have already received — an email from rewards@reward.tremendous.com with the subject header “Ohio Electricity Litigation: Your Digital Payment is Ready.”

Anyone who is being repaid $250 or less is expected to receive a digital payment in the form of a virtual prepaid Mastercard. The big button at the bottom of the rewards email that reads “Get payment” will take you to the redemption website, reward.tremendous.com.

The cards can be added to digital wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay for online purchases or loaded to online retailers that offer a virtual wallet, like Amazon, Target or Starbucks, according to the email.

They can also be spent in-store like a credit card — but note that some retailers don’t allow “split payments” if the total purchase costs more than the balance of the card.

Anyone who’s owed more than $250 can expect to be mailed a physical check by the end of August.