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CHARDON, Ohio (WJW) — Chardon school board member Todd Albright has become the center of a dress code controversy.

“I’m not a typical board member, I don’t have children in the schools. Everyone knows that. I didn’t run on the slogan that everything is OK in the schools,” shared Albright.

The dispute began when Albright said he received a number of complaints from the public, regarding dress code violations committed by students.

“When you receive a certain amount of complaints, as a school board member we are supposed to investigate these things,” explained Albright. 

Albright says he stood with several school officials and pointed out violations as middle school and high school students walked by. 

It was a move he felt was just.

“The superintendent recommended the principals be there as well. So they could see what the community actually sees. That was my emphasis here,” said Albright. 

However, Chardon High School Student, Devany Rich, disagrees. 

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“Our school administrators know how to handle their issues. It may be Todd’s job to create the rules. It does come down to the board to create the rules. But it’s our administration job to enforce it and they do an incredible job doing that,” shared Rich. 

Students, parents, and Albright have all spoken out on the issue but tonight, we heard from the school board as a whole. 

School Board President Karen Blankenship emphasized the right parents and children have to establish what they feel is an appropriate outfit to wear at school. 

“It’s a manifestation of personal style and preference. The board will not interfere with the rights of students and parents to make decisions regarding their appearance,” said Blankenship. 

Reminding Albright that while he may set policy, it’s not his job to enforce it.

“All dress code violations are handled by the administration during school hours. The school district should have no right to enforce it after school hours,” explained Albright. 

The Chardon School Board did cite Albright with several policy violations.

Albright was formally censured and will have to undergo training.