Watch video above for the Return of the Buzzards in Hinckley Reservation

HINKLEY, Ohio (WJW) — The waters of Hinckley Lake will soon be drained for a rehabilitation project expected to last until summer 2026. But don’t worry, the project won’t start until after summer 2023.

It’s all because of the Hinckley Dam rehabilitation project to raise the height of the existing dam that stretches across the northern portion of the lake, according to Cleveland Metroparks.

Completed in 1927, the dam created the 87-acre manmade Hinckley Lake that provides flood protection for the surrounding area and but also fun in the sun.

“Hinckley Reservation was one of the first land donations we received as a park system, which called for the construction of a recreational lake,” said Cleveland Metroparks CEO Brian Zimmerman. “We’re excited to continue on the legacy of our park’s largest inland lake, rehabilitating it in time for its 100th anniversary and ensuring that it can be part of our next century of stewardship.”

Crews plan to rehabilitate the 150-foot-wide concrete spillway to meet modern standards and provide improved protection in the event of severe flooding, Cleveland Metroparks says.

After Rocky River deposited up to 16 feet of silt in places of Hinckley Lake over the years, the Metroparks plan to remove excess silt deposits in specific areas of the lake to allow for proper depths for recreation, to coincide with the dam rehabilitation.

The dam rehabilitation is expected to cost $8-9 million with work by Michael Baker International, Inc. and The Great Lakes Construction Company, and help from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Army Corp of Engineers.

Watercraft rentals at the Hinckley Lake Boathouse & Store and swimming at the Hinckley Spillway will still be a part of the summer outdoor fun for 2023, including the return of the Ledges-to-Lake Adventure Race on September 16.

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