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AKRON, Ohio — New information received by the CDC Thursday indicates the latest Ebola patient– Amber Vinson– may have experienced symptoms as early as Friday, Oct. 10 — the day she flew into Cleveland.

Amber VinsonThat’s according to the CDC’s Dr. Chris Braden, who spoke at a press conference in Summit County Thursday afternoon.

Health officials also want to hear from certain customers who visited a bridal shop Vinson was at during her time in town.

Vinson flew from Dallas/Fort Worth to Cleveland on Oct. 10 to visit family in Tallmadge and to plan her wedding. She made the return trip on Oct. 13 from Cleveland to Dallas/Forth Worth. Wednesday, it was confirmed that she had Ebola.

Ebola is spread through direct contact (through broken skin or the eyes, nose or mouth) with bodily fluids.

Health officials say a person is only contagious when showing Ebola symptoms.


Vinson reported a slightly elevated fever of 99.5 before her return trip to Oct. 13 trip Dallas, so the CDC initially requested that all passengers from that flight be interviewed about their contact with her and to determine any potential risks to their health.

Now, health authorities are asking that ALL passengers on the Oct. 10 flight contact the CDC at 1 800-CDC INFO (1 800 232-4636).

In all, a total of nine people in Northeast Ohio are under a self quarantine, having made contact with Vinson during her trip here. Vinson’s fiance is also being monitored in Dallas, said health officials.

Also revealed at the press conference, Vinson visited Coming Attractions bridal shop in Akron on Oct. 11. Anyone who was there from noon-3:30 that day is asked to call the health department.

The store was closed Thursday.

No one in Northeast Ohio has been diagnosed with Ebola.