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TALLMADGE, Ohio (WJW) — Two delivery drivers damaged a local family’s brand new fridge, and the incident was caught on the homeowner’s security camera.

 “I do get a laugh about it. People bring it up a lot because they’ve seen my Instagram video,” said Chad Jones of Tallmadge.

 Jones’s Ring doorbell camera was rolling as two delivery drivers arrived at his house last Thursday to deliver a brand new fridge.

 “I had to unhook my original fridge and unhook the waterline. I was getting all excited and texting my friends, ‘drinks at my house. We have all the ice’,” laughed Jones.

But those drinks were put on ice, literally, after the two guys dropped the fridge right in front of his house.

“As you can see in the video, the door is hanging by a thread. The drawers are splattered all over the driveway,” said Jones.

Jones said the two men still attempted to deliver the fridge and said it was damaged by the manufacturer.

However, Jones’s Ring video told a completely different story.

“Although it was his fault because he didn’t strap it down or wait for his co-worker, he was already having a bad day. I just let it go,” said Jones.

Jones says the guys took the damaged fridge back and left.

And while his family waits on a replacement, Jones says there are a couple lessons to be learned here.

“Everyone has a camera somewhere. And I’m not a professional mover, but always use a strap when moving a major appliance and you won’t have these types of situations,” said Jones.