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EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio — A chaotic fight was captured by cell phone cameras inside Nemo’s Liquor store in East Cleveland Sunday night.

“It happened so fast when I first walked in.  At first I thought they were treating the customer wrong, so I turned my phone on because I thought if anything happened the proof would be right here,” said Emerson Holly of Cleveland Heights.

His video shows the customer start screaming at an employee before turning to spit on the cashier. It escalates from there.

“She could have just gotten her liquor and left, but she made the situation worse by spitting on the girl at the counter and it turned into something else,” said Holly.

She then gets combative with the guard, who then tases her to the ground.

She finally gives up and leaves the store.

It’s unclear why the fight started in the first place.

East Cleveland Police have charged the customer with disorderly conduct.